Fun Stuff

Soccernet for football. I am a longsuffering 'Boro fan, and also like Parma and Boca Juniors. Other underachievers I support: Argentina, Warriors, Diamondbacks, Ducks, and the Redskins. Sports Central does sports news. Planet Rugby reminds me of a forgotten youth, as does ExRx and Truly Huge. Work for a qualification at NSCA or ACE.

Jazz is covered by All About Jazz, Jazz Online, and Jazz Corner. Classical finds expression in Classical Net (check especially the links page). AMG covers all that and more. I get tabs from Guitar Tabs, Tabster, and Harmony Central. Drum licks from the Drum Network; online lessons from Learn2Drum and WebThumper.

I do Go now and then (refresh on rules, or find related links).

References: Maps of regions in the world and Bordeaux, grape pictures, descriptions, and a vintage chart (an alternative). Define wine at the Wine Lover's Companion. Academics at AWRI, UC Davis, and UBC. Professional qualifications at the Institute of the Masters of Wine, WSET, ASA and the SSA. SWE covers the rest.

Read about wine at Wine Anorak, the Wine Lovers Page, Wine Pages, and Wine Spectator. Newsletters include Tanzer's IWC, Robinson's Purple Pages, Wesserman's Selection, Tommy's Wine Amigo, and the most influential palate on the planet. Regional interests: America, Australia, Bordeaux, and Burgundy (and the famous Confrerie). Vineyard/wineries: Chateau Montelena, Chateau Musar, Edmunds St John, Harlan Estate, the Rothschild Estates, and William Selyem. Buy wine online from Hi-Time or K&L. Play the Virtual Vineyard game, see a CGE model.

Food (especially recipes) at Epicurious and I Love Pasta.