Biographical Information

Jamus Lim is a lead economist in the Strategy Unit at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, one of the world's largest sovereign wealth funds, where he is responsible for economic analyses and projections that support tactical and strategic portfolio construction. Prior to joining ADIA, he was a senior economist in the Development Prospects Group of the World Bank, which he joined as a Young Professional. He has also had stints in academia (the University of California, Centre College), the think tank circuit (the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies), and sell-side investment banking (the former J.P. Morgan). Lim's areas of research expertise (and interest) lie primarily at the intersection of international economics and political economy, with a particular (and peculiar) fetish for financial crises; however, his short attention span has also led him further afield, toward topics in international development, comparative political economy, information and communications technology, and global economic history. His technical work has been published in refereed journals (such as the Canadian Journal of Economics, Journal of International Money & Finance, and Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking), conference volumes, and flagship reports (such as the Bank's Global Economic Prospects and Global Monitoring Report). When inspired, he also contributes to the policy dialog with occasional op-eds, posts to the econoblogosphere (at, and Twitter (handle @jamuslim). He suffered through postdoctoral, doctoral, masters, and undergraduate work at Harvard, the University of California (Santa Cruz), the London School of Economics, and the University of Southern Queensland, all in various flavors of economics. In his wild, impetuous youth, Jamus was variously a rock drummer, rugby player, and Solitaire junkie; today, his more mundane pursuits have led him to the gym, the kitchen, and the cellar (typically in reverse order).